God is truly blessing and doing amazing things at Providence General Baptist Church!

Providence has always had a rich history of serving God and bringing up young disciples who have continued on the great work for Christ!  Several have branched out and are now pastors or serving at other churches to further spread the Gospel!

The rich tradition is continuing!  In February, 2017 Bro. Ryan Jackson was elected as the new Youth Pastor at Providence.  Bro. Ryan and his family joined Providence General Baptist Church in October, 2016 after feeling God’s calling to spread out into ministry!beach

They came to us from Oak Grove General Baptist Church in Adolphus, KY.  Sis. Felisha Jackson had been at Oak Grove her entire life.  Together with Ryan, they served in the capacities as Sunday School teachers for the middle and high school classes, the youth worship ministries leaders, and Bro. Ryan also served as Sunday School superintendent and as a trustee.

They began to feel the calling to branch out from Oak Grove in the middle of 2015.  In January of 2016, the Jackson family acted on that calling and began to visit around.  Bro. Ryan would preach many different appointments in the months that followed all throughout the Westmoreland, Portland, White House, and Scottsville, KY areas.   While they were being obedient and serving where needed, they still hadn’t found that home that God was calling them to.

Then in October of 2016, the Jackson family visited Providence.  As soon as they stepped in the doors, they knew that this is where God had planned for them to be.  All 5 members of the family felt at peace and had a desire to join with the body!

Since being elected as Youth Pastor, Bro. Ryan has had a vision to give the youth their own identity.  After much prayer and study, Bro. Ryan has given the youth the name of “The Well.”  This plays on John Chapter 4 as well as the Casting Crowns song of the same name.  It is our mission and desire for all to come to “the well” and receive the everlasting water that only Jesus Christ can provide!