The Competition

We have been very excited to see all those that are actively participating in our Summer Games thus far. Several visitors have been invited to church, posts are being liked, and shared. This is encouraging to see!!

One of the main goals in this competition is to encourage your individual “ownership” in Your Church. No matter how young you are, you each have an important role in the Church. Each time you attend, you are learning more about your walk with God. You are growing as a Christian. You are taking in those things that will help you most throughout life. We’ve encouraged you all to invite your families and friends. There’s no greater thing that you can do for God, than to share him with others. We encourage you all to continue to share God, and invite friends and family to The Well and to Providence Church.

We want to challenge you to think of ways that you can personally improve yourself throughout our Summer Games. Challenge yourself to read your bible more and invite others to church. Challenge yourself to become closer to him throughout this process. Focus on what you can do for Him and for the Church this summer.

We also want to remind each of you the example that you are setting for others throughout this competition. We know that we all want to win. We encourage you to do your best to win. We also encourage that you remember your character. What kind of example to our youngest youth do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered in the future?

Most of all, we hope to show a thankful heart throughout our games. We hope that all of us can be thankful for the chance we have to come to church. We hope to be thankful for the opportunity to fellowship with our friends. We hope that we can all be thankful for the many blessings that God has given us personally and as a church.

We are very proud of the group of youth that we have at The Well. Keep up the hard work. If you read this, and can tell us the things we talked about in this blog at Church, you can earn twenty points for your team. Have a blessed week!